Companies are as individual as men. So manifold projects over decades taught us that tasks and their solutions might be similar, but never they will be the same. Any project requires a specific approach, in order to achieve best practice results. Being always committed on providing our clients with valuable advice, in order to find the right person working on their individual task, we keep us as familiar with all common business sectors’ and functions’ peculiarities.

So we support our clients to specify the right task, in order to deduce therefrom the corresponding  profiles of qualification for finding the right people. After those people are in place as a line executive or program/project manager, we attend the whole engagement, in order to secure fulfillment’s to the clients’ and Interim Managers’ satisfaction.

No matter, if we are mandated with a temporary management assignment, a short term consultancy on demand task or a challenging project management job, providing always the experts with best match to the clients’ needs, is our mission.

Consultancy on Demand National/International

Alpha “Consultancy-on-Demand” to serve short-term and very specific information needs.

Using this “On Demand Consultancy-Service”, our clients get exclusive Expertise, tailored to their specific information needs on an hourly basis. So if you look to someone to advice, no matter how specific is your information need, we will find the right expert providing to you the necessary knowledge.

You just have to decide how you want to communicate. Whether via e-mail, telephone or in a personal conversation, our Experts will be excited to support you with their know-how, very pragmatic and always directly focused on your specific problem.

To learn more, please contact us at any time.