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Starting with traditional vacancy bridging, very often our clients mandate Alpha Interim Executives to work on complex tasks as project- or program managers. So numerous performance improvement projects or turnaround- and restructuring tasks were managed successful.

But also Interim Managers get engaged to work at start-up initiatives or to build-up a sustainable country- & market systems, or to manage sites’ relocation’s / close-downs smooth and efficient. Due to their long-term experience, our Interim Managers are preferred business partners to develop, prepare and operate ambitious change projects, like post-merger integrations or all kind of projects, coming along with new strategy alignments within a company. So also Digital Transformation tasks are playing a more and more important role for our Interim Executives. In relation to this, business process optimization- or fast-track management support is required by our clients.

There-to and in terms of markets’ traction achievements, Interim Management support is also provided with domestic- / international business development-, sales performance- or marketing-/CRM tasks. Last but not least the Alpha Interim Executives back our clients to manage properly important administrative needs, e.g. at Human Resources with organizational development support or complex down-sizing projects.

Consistently with all as above mentioned, our Interim Managers also help with their expertise to get all corresponding IT-work tasks well facilitated.

AlphaManagers know about their business. Being well trained from business careers over decades, they provide a unique mix from high subject matter expertise and profound management know how gained within manifold business sectors. Beside their strategy skills, they also know to drive operational business, – always with the necessary ownership and always uncompromising for your benefit only.

So AlphaManagers grant for professional handling of your business tasks at almost all management levels and management functions, like e.g:

Vacancy bridging, turnaround, business performance improvement, start-up, country & market management, close-down management

Efficiency improvement, restructuring, workflow optimization, build-to-order management, outsourcing & insourcing, plant relocation

IFRS, SarbOx, consolidation, cash management, cost analysis, risk management, forecast, reporting, cost center, calculation, ERP-application, audits, treasuring

Efficiency, process optimization, simultaneous engineering, design-to-cost, built-to-order, fast track program and  project management

New markets, channels, products, sales force management, customer services, key-account- and sales performance management

Customer Experience, Product Management, communications, one-to-one Marketing, social networks

Strategy, network development, vendor development, on-site quality management, processes, logistics

Purchasing, contracting, pricing, quality management

HR-management, organizational development, down-sizing; change management

System implementation, IT-security, IT-Applications; ERP -Interfacing