Where does a company get a top manager within a week?

X-AG, located outside the EU, buys in Germany a company with 200 employees, which produces electronic components for the mechanical engineering industry. The purchased company is profitable and local management sees no reason to be fully integrated into the new owner group. The local managing director does not keep his promises, so that synergies cannot be sufficiently lifted. The new shareholder loses confidence in the local managing director and the patience.

What should the shareholder do now?

He should call the recruitment consultant of his trust. He has already successfully occupied a number of positions with top managers. If, however, it takes 12 months for a firm manager to start his work, he should appoint a consultant instead.  The task is clear. It’s about post merger integration. Synergies are to be raised in order to further optimise the good figures of the new company. There’s no need for analysis now. The consultant cannot recover the lost confidence in the local manager.

No guide vacuum may be created. Under new leadership, the company is to be integrated into the group as quickly as possible in order not to lose any further time. In this case, the shareholder instructs the interim management provider of his trust to present a top interim managing director in the short term. The interim managing director should be from the industry and be familiar with similar business situations. Within one week of the request, the provider will personally present two suitable candidates to the shareholder. Both interim managers have their own blue print as they solve such tasks. The shareholder chooses the candidate who can best explain his management methods.

Within three weeks of the request, the interim managing director takes over his duties. With his results he surpasses the expectations of the shareholder. He’d like to set him up. The managing Director, however, is a staunch interim manager who loves the challenge. However, the shareholder has used the interim manager several times for various projects.

Conclusion: It is not about what is better, interim management, executive search or consulting, but which solution fits best to the respective business situation.