Controlling optimization during move by interim controller.

The semi-finished product manufacturer Z AG places its seat abroad. The Financial data Processing Division is also being transferred. The move of the administration increases the pressure on the affected employees, since the daily business must go on without interruption. A public limited company must report regularly. The move is a mega load for everyone.

At the old location, the employees from the controlling department quickly find a new workplace. At the new location, the gaps cannot be closed as quickly as experienced controllers are difficult to find. Z AG’s operational controlling needs an international experienced expert at the new location. It must be the area Forecasting And should take care of budgeting. During the move, the processes are also to be optimised.

In the case of semi-finished stock companies, planning, information and control tasks are essential for the reporting system. In a company situation that is additionally tense due to the move, the industry experience of the controlling expert cannot be dispensed with. In just a few days, the controller in the headquarters has to develop the acceptance of the management and the respect of the factory controllers. He has no time to work. It is only with the necessary industry experience that it can take the right steps from the outset.

Conclusion: Only an interim controller with international experience can fill the gaps in the short-term, improve the system and ensure the progress of planning and reporting when moving a public limited company. However, he should have industry experience.