Success through methodical approach

The globally active packaging group M AG with billions of sales employs 100 employees in the IT sector. M commissions a consulting company to benchmark it costs. It turns out that the IT costs are significantly higher than those of comparable companies. International IT projects are not completed in the allotted time frame and budget, the IT department needs to be reorganized.

The IT manager is a proprietary crop. Technically very good but not leadership strong. Weakened by poorly running IT projects, the consultant’s analysis also puts him under pressure. He retreats to his shell. M must correct the error. The IT manager is overwhelmed with the task. Classic Peter Principle. M offers him a new job as an expert, which he also accepts immediately.

We are looking for a senior interim IT manager who has already successfully reorganized comparable worldwide organisation, while at the same time costing up to 35% Reduced Has. The interim management provider introduces m to an internationally experienced interim IT manager who is an expert in it cost reduction. He works with Change Management Methods and Design-to-Cost. The interim IT manager knows how to increase performance at lower cost, through agile approach with structured working method in IT projects and strict controlling. Of course also through meaningful offshore services. A careful analysis of the Know How Needs m in the long term and which service can be buying cheaper. The new interim IT manager is very successful. In the next balance of the M, this is clearly noticeable. M has therefore taken over the new IT manager in a direct position after 15 months.

Conclusion: If you want quick results, you need a professional who has already proven several times that he can deliver results. A provider who understands exactly what his customer is looking for can present the right interim manager within a few days.