With Interim Manager Expertise on efficient power filling station concepts

Assess the complexity of electric mobility Ladepark projects correctly The German federal government's repeatedly postulated goal as part of its "Electric Mobility" programme of government in May 2011 is to put one million electric vehicles on the road by 2020 and six million by 2030. The expert team of our "Digitisation (Industry 4.0)" business practice, which was formed in 2015, [...]

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Interim Manager of the Year-Heinz Vollrath

Finally, I would like to introduce them to a car locksmith who trained at Daimler Benz. He then studied mechanical engineering in Darmstadt and France and finally completed his studies as an industrial engineer. He is the expert for commercial vehicles and has been working as an interim manager since 2012, mainly in the role of general manager with a [...]

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Automotive industry in transition

Interim manager needed The German automotive industry with more than one million employees is in a major upheaval. The major trends are currently the diesel scandal, which has led for months to a significant decline in orders for diesel vehicles. This scandal occupies a large space in the coverage and conceals the actual big change from the vehicle manufacturer (OEM) [...]

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Interim management is booming

What does the magical quadrangle of the global economy have to do with the boom in interim management? The head economist of Deutsche Bank, Stefan Schneider, explained very vividly, the magic quadrangle of the global economy at an event organized by the BVMW Rheinhessen-Nahe near Boehringer Ingelheim. The strong global economy, subdued inflation, mega expansionary monetary policy, booming asset markets [...]

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Asia experts & managers

There is now a trend towards free trade areas in the Pacific and Asian economies, which are very important even without the US in terms of economic output and population. TPP, AFTA (ASEAN) und APEC Accelerate development in a region with the largest economic growth in the world. Those who walk through Shanghai today will be surprised at how clean [...]

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Agile management

At present, in addition to digitalization and transformation, an adjective is being made especially: Agile. It often sounds like, who isn't agile can't succeed. The Duden describes agile, testifying to great mobility, agile. In agile project management, –, in contrast to the traditional process – not the entire project process is planned through and a final goal is set in [...]

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[en] Interim Management Summit | Istanbul

[en] We would like to invite you our Interim Management Summit that will be held on October 12, 2017, at the Levent Wyndham Grand in Istanbul, Turkey. We would be pleased to have you join us at this exclusive, invite-only event limited to senior leaders in the corporate and investment worlds. The international panel and networking event will be jointly [...]

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Forum about Global Expansion, Technology and Talent Forum

[email protected]: First USA Client Forum about Global Expansion, Technology and Talent Forum Irvine, California, 2017-April-25th: seniormanagementworldwide (SMW), the world’s largest Interim Manager network, was holding a forum in cooperation with ENP-USA at the UCI, Irvine CA. At this event, C-Level Managers discussed about best practice measures how to expand business to overseas markets - efficiently and with minimizing [...]

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AIMP Interim Manager of the Year

Zum 7. Mal hat die Jury des AIMP unter Leitung von Bodo Blanke (AC AlphaManagement GmbH) den Interim Manager des Jahres gewählt. The three selected interim managers serve as role models for the interim industry. The interim managers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland are very successful renovators. The royal discipline of the interim executives is in demand internationally. [...]

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[en] USA Global Expansion, Technology & Talent Forum 2017

[en] As a founding member of seniormanagementworldwide (‘SMW’), globally the strongest and deepest network of top flight interim executives, AlphaManagement is proud to announce this expansion event 2017 in Los Angeles, CA USA. In partnership with ENP Institute, the forum is designed specifically for US Middle Market Company C-suite executives. With Focus on Global Expansion, Technology and Talent, there will [...]

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eMobility – new Emphases for the Supply Industry and Plant Manufacturers

Securing Change Projects’ success with Interim Management Expertise No question, any forecasts about E-Car distribution in Europe were extremely optimistic and never met the reality. Just the Netherlands and Norway seem to be pretty well on track. Even, if there is still no clear picture about the break through, but nowadays, there is no doubt about that electric vehicles will dominate [...]

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SeniorManagementWorldwide Global Interim Management Survey

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Interim Leadership Personalities

Second Study of the AIMP in collaboration with Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg

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EBS Interim Executive Programme

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