There is now a trend towards free trade areas in the Pacific and Asian economies, which are very important even without the US in terms of economic output and population.

TPP, AFTA (ASEAN) und APEC Accelerate development in a region with the largest economic growth in the world. Those who walk through Shanghai today will be surprised at how clean the air is and how quietly the traffic runs. The advancing electromobility has a positive effect on everyday life. While we’re still discussing it, the Chinese are making it easy. Nor will China care about U.S. sanctions on Iran. They will fill in the gaps that the EU also leaves behind.

In our Alpha Management Pool are experts and managers from Europe who live and work in Asia, some of whom have already done projects for our customers in China and India as well as Iran and Russia. Our Chinese and Indian partners have offices in all major cities. Our Australian partner also has an office in Singapore. You can choose between a European manager with local cultural and language skills or a local expert who understands Western management. We fill all corporate functions with freelance interim managers.

You will receive a proposal from us within 1 week for your projects in Asia. What can we do for you?