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The German Pioneer of Interim Management since 1979

When AC Alpha Management GmbH was founded in 1979, at that time it was not our intention at all to pioneer for interim management services, being a totally unknown market sector in Germany at that time as also in many other countries…

But however, we became the first provider by introducing and establishing the principle of Interim Management in Germany, like:

  • Independently-working consultants instead of full-time employees
  • Serving short-term management tasks through solution-based thinking and operational decision-making
  • Provision of highly skilled managers and specialist with many years of experience in business operations

In a nutshell the founding members’ idea can be summarized with one of their statements at that time: “We want to be a hub for professional consultants being also well experienced in operational management and those companies, asking for business support in managing sophisticated tasks and projects. This kind of service is pretty new, and like everything new – not without contentious issues. Facing this, we strictly proceed according our main principle: always work on tasks with uncompromising professionalism.”

Until today this principle is our major guideline and combined with continuous innovative thinking, we are driven to live the idea of sustainable quality in everything we do. Being always above our clients’ expectations in everything we are doing is not only our mission, it is our daily business. Achieving 100% of the solutions that entail daunting tasks can only arise in an environment of trust, experience and flexibility. We believe that the ideal style of cooperation, consisting of openness as well as minimal consultation, is most suitable to allow knowledge and exchange to flow freely.

By today as a result of our development over the decades, we see the AlphaManagement’s success based on three major pillows:

  • An experienced Management-Team in Wiesbaden comprising 38 years of experience in most of all industry-, trade & retail- and service  sectors, in order to understand well and quickly the client needs
  • Founding member of world’s biggest Interim Management partner network, being committed on a concerted “code of practice” since more than a decade, covering more than 50 countries, in order to secure smooth and consistent workflows along all staffing procedures
  • Our access to more than 50.000 Interim Managers world-wide, in order to serve nearly all client needs for specific management skills and subject matter expertise – globally and promptly.